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Monday, September 17, 2012

Color Me Katie : Artist Inspiration

Here at Apex HS Art, we decided instead of giving everyone in the Art One class a sketchbook assignment, that we would break up each class into teams of 5-6 students. 

Each week, only one team would have a sketchbook assignment.. and not just have to complete an assignment, but rather to compete against the other members of their group. Think of it like a reality game show TV program in the art room.

So this week we gave our first set of teams an artist that they would use as an inspiration.. and since we are starting work on our interactive chalk murals, we thought Katie Sokoler, AKA Color Me Katie would be the perfect artists to start with.

Each student's art was critiqued based on Creativity, Craftsmanship and Inspiration by their fellow class members... you know, the kids that didn't have a sketchbook assignment this week.

So here, for your viewing pleasure, are this week's entries...

Above: One of the winners from Sands' art class

She won and got a prize and wore the cerimonial tiara! 

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