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Monday, September 17, 2012

Interactive Chalk Murals : Part 1

We started work on our latest project, interactive chalk murals. The idea is to create murals on the wall of the courtyard where other students can take photos of themselves interacting with the murals.

Easier seen than said so as an example, the giant spider web. Seen above as a sketch, seen  below as an outline drawing. Next, we will fill in the colors to complete the murals.

Another example above, a sketch of a person doodling on their math class work.

To complete the project we're gonna need a lot of chalk so we decided to make our own. Here are some chalks in the works. We mixed plaster of paris with tempera paint and poured it into paper towel rolls.

Sponge Bob jelly fish sketch

Sponge Bob jelly fish on the wall

The scene from Titanic

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