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Friday, October 25, 2013

Sticky Situation : Repetition Part 2

The Art Two class is wrapping up their third project of the year and closing out the first quarter. The task was to show repetition, their theme was Sticky Situation, and their medium was their choice of type of paint.

Uhm, I thought I said paint.

Are those real feathers cause I thought I said paint. 

At the completion of a project, we all display our work on Feel Good Friday. We have food and drinks and cupcakes. Each artwork has a comment sheet for people to write words of encouragement. 

This time we added to Feel Good Friday by including breakout sessions. These breakout sessions gave students a chance to discuss their work with a small group of their peers.

 Above you see Bailey discussing her work. This was her favorite part of Friday! She really enjoyed the small breakout sessions. Look at that smile. Seriously overjoyed!

Buckets aren't sticky. I don't get it!

One time I was staying at a beach house and I saw a cat eating a tree frog. This painting reminds me of that cat.

This painting was created with stencils and spray paint.  This is the before painting for the
antelope artwork that isn't a painting, above.

Cara painted a self portrait.. if she had button eyes.


  1. thanks for sharing - like the way they all did something different

  2. I don't really understand why you are being so negative about all of your students projects. If you wanted them to only use paint, you are the teacher and should have seen to that while you were working. Additionally, as a child of a family that produced maple syrup...syrup buckets are EXTREMELY sticky!

    1. Hey Julie,

      No, no, my comments are totally sarcastic! The kids know I’m just playing. I’m very impressed with the variety the students present and always approve when they work beyond the requirements of the project. Also, having spent much of my childhood in Vermont, I’m keen to the stickiness of the syrup bucket. Sorry, my post didn’t come across as intended and thanks for the comment!

  3. Ian you are totally awesome and reading your blog and seeing your student's work has really helped me in my first year as an art teacher! You Rock! (can you tell I am a fan??)

  4. Maggie,

    Thanks so much! You are making my day!


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