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Monday, October 21, 2013

Repetition : Sticky Situation

the Art Two class is hard at work creating their third project of the year. The task was to show repetition, their theme was Sticky Situation, and their medium was their choice of type of paint.

Above we see some practice painting of some very sticky gummy bears.

Before each student started painting they wrote down lots of ideas. from these ideas they created some thumbnail sketches to decide what would be their final painting. Wouldn't want to get stuck with that!

Bubbles can be very sticky.

As can bubble gum. Lots of repetition there!

Literal stick.

The leaftailed lizard lives on a stick.

Sometimes the plugs on a flute get stuck.

Every rose has it's thorn.. don't get stuck.
Wait... I thought this was a painting project!!???


  1. I like the way some kids just do what they want despite the stipulated theme - I have decided to go towards letting them develop their own themes, media etc etc , as TAB advocates. (I'm not there yet)

  2. I agree. They all incorporate the theme and the principle (in this case repetition and sticky) but they find the most unique ways of doing so. i.e. The “Sticks” of the antelope horns or the rose thorns..


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