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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The New Art Two

If you read the blog post about the new Art Three class than this post is going to seem rather familiar.  Both posts begin with a Mr. Sands (that's me) epiphany . I realized that, although I could come up with some creative lessons, the way I was teaching art was more about the outcome I wanted to see then what the students wanted to create. With this in mind, the Art Two teachers sat down over the summer and developed the following model for teaching Art Two.

Both Art Two and the Art Three classes now follow a four phase process; Initiation, Design, Production and Presentation.

The initiation phase begins  with a topic and a theme. This project's topic is based on a principle. This first projects principle is Contrast. We also provide a theme as a prompt to help generate ideas. Our first theme is "What's the point?" Unlike Art Three, Art Two has a third constraint, medium. This first project is limited to charcoal, pen or pencil ( unless you can talk Mr Sands into letting you try something else which isn't too hard to do :)

During the design phase, students are tasked with creating a list of 20 items related to there theme. From this list, they design 10 thumbnails of possible art projects. The class also partakes in daily warm-ups where students are encourage to explore the different mediums.

From there, students make their final  decisions about composition and media and get to work on their final piece.

For the final phase, presentation, the students will post their work to their blogs along with their personal reflection of the piece. The actual piece will then be presented to the class on Feel Good Friday where students will write comments for their fellow artists to read later.


  1. I like this structure. I'm also trying out a choice-based project approach this year with my students. I "mini-lessons" to introduce new mediums and students can use any medium we've done a mini-lesson about for their project. I think having the topic and the theme would give the students more of a jumping off point. Do you come up with the theme, or is it something the class chooses?

  2. I gave them the theme but was really lose about how they interpreted it. Our Art One teacher is starting to use themes as well. She is giving then a choice of several different themes..


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