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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Text as an Element

Beauty and Culture

The Art Three class now follows a four phase process; Initiation, Design, Production and Presentation. The initiation phase begins with a topic and a theme. This project's topic was based on a principle and the project's principle was Text as an Element. We also provide a theme as a prompt to help generate ideas. Our first theme was "Culture". The medium was left open.

Petri dishes filled with recent newspaper article clippings and other cultural symbols

Much of this image is created using written text

Strips of paper with written expressions of culture wrap the hand

Three pieces of plexiglass with written forms of transportation set at different heights and depths

A family tree: the words read grandfather, mother, sister, etc. However, none can be read without rotating around the tree, new words form instead.

Photo transfer of images of Apex culture and different perspectives

Mural painted in the science room. When viewed through a red lens reveals science terms

Our next project will be based on the principle Intertextuality, where this piece will also work :)


  1. The NC museum of art, has some great art that uses text!

  2. These are great, just wondering what discussions or images did you share with them to get them started? Honestly, these are pretty mind blowing concepts for kids to be coming up with. The science words through a red lens, the family tree, just awesome!


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