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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Four Step Process

Well this is different. Mr. Sands (that's me) has moved from Art One and started teaching Art Three. Before putting together the lesson plans for my new found class, I took a long, hard look at how I was teaching. I realized that, although I could come up with some creative lessons, the projects were more about the outcome I wanted to see then what the students wanted to create. I decided to revamp my entire teaching style. Here's what we're doing now.

Each project now follows a four phase process; Initiation, Design, Production and Presentation. During the initiation phase, I present the student's with a topic and a theme. This project's topic is text as an element (check out our Pinterest page for example) and the theme is culture.
Next, during the design phase, the students were tasked with creating a list of 20 items related to culture. From this list, they designed 10 thumbnails of possible art projects. Depending on their design, they selected the medium and based on the medium, they explored techniques they would need to accomplish the project.

 This is where we are today...

Once the design is solid, the student's will be ready to begin creation of their work.

For the final phase, presentation, the students will post their work to their blogs along with their personal reflection of the piece. The actual piece will then be presented to the class on Feel Good Friday where students will write comments for their fellow artists to read later.

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