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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Multi Color Prints

Art One just finished a unit on printmaking. We tried our hand at multi-colored prints. You know, print a few using one color then go back and cut out some more of the linocut block and then print another color right on top of the first. These first few you see are the first round using just one color...

You need to print out a bunch first, cause some don't come out as good as others and second cause it give you more color choices to mess with.

Even though this turtle is pretty multicolored, it's still only one cut. Looks cool though.

The thing is, the ink comes right off the table if you use a scraper. However, if you try to clean it up with spray stuff and paper towels  it makes a huge mess. Don't do that. Just wait till it dries and scrape it off. Trust me on this one.

Still only one color but didn't he do a great job with the texture? I think so.

OK, now we are talking multi colors. in fact, the one on the right uses three different cuts and three different colored inks.

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