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Friday, March 15, 2013

Art History Kite Day 2013

A Short video all about Learning to Fly.. Kites.

There are very few projects that I continue to do year after year. The Art History Kite however has become a tradition! This year's theme was Northern Renaissance.

While I was away at NAEA13 in Texas, the Art History students were busy designing their Northern Renaissance kites. We had everything from the four eared lamb of the Ghent Altarpiece  to the  mirror from the Arnolfini Portrait...

To this take on Durer's Four Horseman of the Apocalypse ...

As well as Durer's rhino 

and Durer's hare.

What we didn't have was much wind.

Which made some people have frowny faces.

And they gave me looks of disappointment. 

And then they took a nap.

Yes! Another successful Apex HS Art History Kite Day!!!!


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  1. Love how you do this every year. I would love to do this with my HS students. What do you make the kites out of? Thanks for your help and inspiration. You are an amazing teacher and your students are lucky to have you!


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