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Monday, March 4, 2013

Hey, Where's Mr. Sands?

If you're looking for me you better be heading to Texas. This week I will be attending the 2013 NAEA National Convention in Fort Worth.

What's that you ask? It's a gathering of more than 5,000 visual art teachers, university professors and museum educators. We all get together with the common goal of advancing art education.

Presenting You Say?

Yes! Not only am I attending but I'm also presenting. How exciting, yes I know! Chances are I might even talk about a project you worked on or even show a photo of your art.

On Friday I'll be co-presenting with Craig Roland, Tricia Fuglestad and Elizabeth Delacruz on a presentation titled Connected Art Educators: The Art of Leveraging Social Media to Build a Personal Learning Network. We will share tips and tricks on starting and growing a personal learning network.

If that doesn't float your boat, on Saturday I'll co-present with Robb Sandagata. Our presentation titled,  New Weird Ideas will present projects that challenge conventional art education and involve communities outside of the classroom. That should be interesting!

As a special added bonus I'm pretty sure that Davis Publications will be handing out for free copies of the March issue of SchoolArts Magazine which just happens to include an article about a project we did right here at Apex High School. 

If I see you in Texas, don't forget to ask for my card.. here's what it looks like..

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