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Friday, December 21, 2012

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Ideas

If you're like me... and I'm like most people... you waited till the last minute to get your Art Student a gift. Now you're stuck trying to figure out what you can get. Should you buy another Snuggy? A coffee cup that reads Worlds Best Art Student? Well hold on! Before you do.... I'm here to help.

I've composed a list of...

The Top 10 Gifts to Give an Art Student!

#10. Scone Mix!

As you know, the second Friday in October is International Bring A Scone to Art Class Day! Well, 2013 is right around the corner and nobody wants to get caught empty handed on such an important holiday!


# 9. Sketchbook Pro!

If there is one app we've used again and again this year it has been Sketchbook Pro. It's only a few bucks to buy but the value will last a lifetime!! or something corny like that.


# 8. Board Games!

Learning perspective is easy. Mastering it?... Well, that's another story. It takes practice. What better way to practice one and two point linear perspective than by drawing board games?


Observational drawing is great for improving overall drawing skills. Drawing shoes, bottles or oranges is nice. Drawing Cupcake.. now that better! Especially if Cupcake is the name of your 15 pound snapping turtle!


We spent so much time creating those interactive street art chalk murals it wouldn't be a surprise to learn that someone would want a camera to take some photos of people interacting with them, right? Plus a camera is also good for creating forced perspective images and cinemagraphs! 


A blender is good for soo many things. Sure, making smoothies but also for mixing slip and creating a moss based mixture for moss graffiti. Our moss graffiti never really worked so a blender might come in handy if any of our students wanted to try this again. 


# 4. Make Art Gloves!!

I got these as a Christmas present and let me just say they might just make the perfect gift. These gloves say that 2013 will be the year you Make Art.. or get punched!


Shameless plug! Come on, I wrote a book, I gotta plug it somewhere! Plus, you can download the E version for Kindle free the week after Christmas! 


# 2. Rain Boots!!

If it rains, the art trailer is submerged. It's true. rain boots will keep your art student dry and a dry footed art student is much more likely to focus on his or her art project than a wet footed art student. 


I believe, I believe, every day's good day when you paint! That's why I believe, I believe, that the Bob Ross Remix on CD would be the ultimate Christmas gift for any art student.

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