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Friday, December 14, 2012

On the Ninth Day of Photoshop...

On the Ninth Day of Photoshop my Students made for me... 

OK, here’s the things. So our blog, the Art of Apex High School was nominated and is currently in the Top Twenty 2012 Art Ed Blog of the Year! How exciting, yes I know. Since the stakes are high, I decided to  check out the competition and I ran across the blog titled, My Adventures in Positive Space. Its the art work by students of Renee Collins.

Renee recently did a project with her 1st graders about the book 'I'm the Best Artist in the Ocean!' by Kevin Sherry. Now, why she didn’t chose How to Milk A Dinocow is beyond me but i digress. Anyhow, when I saw the crazy cool squids that her students painted I knew right away that they would be super fun to animate. 

I decided to email Renee and ask permission (I know, me asking permission for something is shocking but I did). Renee agreed and so for today’s 9th Day of  Photoshop the student’s had to animate a squid.

Like all the Day’s of Photoshop, the students only have one day to complete and post their work. This is an exceptionally challenging time frame when creating animations. Here they are...


  1. Thanks Ian. These are awesome! My students and I are all smiles.

  2. Stunning! I was thinking of collaborating with our pre-primary school & making art dolls out of their drawings - but this is really good! Inspirational stuff!

  3. What a cool idea.
    Your students did such an awesome job.

  4. Amazing!! Did your students use just Photoshop to create these animation? These are like stop-motions? This job is fantastic, especially for the collaboration between schools!! Thank to sharing!! I add immediately on my Pinterest board!!

  5. Agreed- these are so brilliant!! Would love a tutorial...pretty please????

  6. Way cool! I would love a tutorial as well... :)

  7. I have a video tutorial that shows how to make an animation in Photoshop. It's for a walk cycle but would work for any animation. here -->


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