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Friday, June 1, 2012

Oh, So We Have iPads Do We?

So, Apex HS just bought a class set of iPads for students to use and yes, I do plan to incorporate these devices into my lessons.

So, I'm trying to find a decent drawing program on the ipad. So far I've downloaded Layers, Sketchbook Pro and 123D Sculpt, a 3D program. All I've messed with is Layers. 

What I like about layers is how simple it is. It has a brush, an eraser and a smudgy finger. That and of course, layers. I'll probably start my classes off learning this program because of how simple and basic it is. 

To start, I just wanted to sketch in layers,... try out different brushes and stuff but without any real concern for the image. Then I wanted to take that first image and see if I could make it a little more 3dish. 

Now I need to move on and try Sketchbook Pro. It's got a lot more options. Then onto the real 3D world 123D Sculpt. how very exciting, yes I know!

Already looking forward next year!

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