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Saturday, June 23, 2012

iPad Art at Apex High School

 This year we will be adding a new feature for both Art One and Computer Art... drawing on iPads. 

So far we've got two drawing apps installed. First Layers. If you've not drawn on an ipad yet, this is a good app to start with. It's easy to use but still has some of the advanced features of the more detailed apps. See my first attempt at illustrating with Layers here.

The second app (pictured above) is SketchBook pro. This is a serious drawing app with custom brushes, layers, stamps and a host of other tools like transform, text, etc.. you can read more about Sketchbook Pro here.

There will be a stylus available for each student. to use. This makes it easier to draw than using your finger. 

Meanwhile, if your looking for a fun app to draw with at home that is as simple as  box of crayons, check out Art Set. I might add this fun tool to our list as well. More about Art Set here.

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