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Monday, June 11, 2012

Halle Exhibit 2012

It's become a tradition that at the end of every school year, the Halle hosts the art of Apex High School students both current and former. And every year i go to the exhibit and take really bad photos and post them on the web. 

Above, is one former and one current Apex art student. They are sisters and they don't like to have their picture taken. Eileen, (closest) now goes the SCAD.

This is a dinobird made out of recycled cans. Pretty neat.

There is usually food so I feel obligated to make sure i capture that important fact on film.

These guys are scary. What are these type of hooligans doing at the art show?

Yay! This makes me happy!

Chelsea made scary hooks. I'm starting to think it's good she graduated and decided to go to college 5 hours away... :) JK!

Sebastian needs one of those back scratchers.

She made the stuffed monster thingy. Yay!

Brian is my neighbor. He thinks the show is "thumbs up!"

Even I have a piece in the show. It's a talking zonkey. Shocked, aren't you.

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