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Friday, May 18, 2012

When Some Students Are Done But Others...

As art teachers, we all experience those times when some of the class has finished working on a project and some have not. Of course the ideal would be for all students to finish a project at the same time but practically speaking, it rarely happens.

Kelly (above) is working on her painting, our current project.

There are methods that can be applied to deal with this dilemma. i.e. students who are done could work on other projects that they haven't completed or perhaps work in class on a sketchbook homework assignment. Today I chose a different approach.

"Look," I said. "You are all capable of finding something on your own to work on." I might have been wrong. Here is what they came up with...

Matt decided to draw on my white board.

Gail decided to paint my back door purple. She used a blow dryer to make sure the paint was dry.

Sophia decided to braid Cheryl's hair. 

Tyler learned how to create text portraits in PhotoShop. 

Madi took a nap. 

And Logan worked on a stencil... 

Which also got spray painted on my classroom door.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the honest truth about what happens once students are finished!

    Love the stencil and the freedom to paint your back door!


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