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Friday, May 18, 2012

Another, Another Anamorphosis 3D Street Art

After last nights storm washed away all the grids plus the 3D dolphin we made yesterday, we weren't as excited to start over.. especially on a Friday. Still, we pushed on to complete one more attempt at  Anamorphosis 3D Street Art.

It's a Keith Haring dog and from one view it looks terribly distorted. From the right angle it looks correct. However, it doesn't look particularly 3D..   

Some of the photos did produce strange perspective effects. I think this photo, which was taken by mistake, makes the Rachel the sweep look like she is floating.

Here you can see how distorted the dog is as it is being traced in the grid.


The difference between the view above and the one below  displays how distorted the dog really is.

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