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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Connected Classroom Monster Project

Theresa Gillespie, Leatha Koefler and I are combining forces to create a monster of a connected classrooms project, literally!

I originally saw the idea for this project posted on Google+. An elementary class drew monster pictures then a high school sculpture class created 3D ceramic versions.

One of my project ideas for my high school computer art class was going to be designing a package for a toy. When I saw this project, I had to jump on it.

I put the call out for kindergarten monsters and Theresa, elementary art teacher in the Moline School District in Illinois responded right away. Through MediaFire, she was able to share drawings by her kindergartners.

Since I don't teach sculpture, I ask Leatha Koefler, fellow Apex High School (Apex NC), sculpture teacher, if she wanted her students to participate. And off we went.

Currently, the monsters are being sculpted in the ceramic class. Once they have been fired and are complete with added feathers and what not, I'll have my computer art class design packages for them.

Eventually, the monsters will be shipped back to the kindergarten class in Illinois.

Stay tuned!


  1. What a great idea! It's interesting to see kids of different ages all contributing to the project. We look forward to seeing the end results!

  2. Ok, this is definitely a joint article for SchoolArts!

  3. Hello, Windy Spiridiglozzi and I have been working on an article. We did this project last year. The results were amazing.

  4. Of course this great Idea came from you guys! I pinned one of the finished image from this project a long time ago. It wasnt even connected to your posts, so it too some searching to get here. But meanwhile, based on just one picture I wrote a grant, got. A 3-d printer and wrote a session proposal for NAEA. I have my elementary classes lined up to do this project this year. But since I am modified choice, the toys will be in ceramics OR modeling clay, or 3-d printer or plush stuffed toy ans paper mache might also be a choice. I am excited to do the project and will be blogging along too!


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