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Friday, September 16, 2011

Color Wheels

In the last two weeks we focused on using color, modes and gradients. We created a color wheel by changing the hue and saturation of various objects. The object used was decided on by the student; all I requested was that they take the photo.

As a follow up project, we photographed diet coke and mentos and combined the soda explosions with another photo to create something entirely unexpected (photos coming soon).

(The following photo was not taken in class.) Though I don't condone smoking, I thought this object in this context made for an interesting, if not controversial topic (and some might add, that is the purpose of art).

The final image is not the student’s final work. This was the piece before adding color. However, both the student and I agreed that this image was an interesting visual. The stop signs purposely resemble a fist.

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