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Monday, September 12, 2011

Muda Lisa: The Prototype

So we got this idea to explore value scale through different shades of mud. Before we decided to make it a class project we thought we might test it out once. This is the story of a few artists trying to figure out the best process for creating a value painting using mud...

First, we brought an image of the Mona Lisa into PhotoShop, converted her to black and white and broke her down into 4 shades.

Just like Leonardo would have done, we transferred the image by first poking holes in the drawing with a toothpick...

And then, applying chalk dust to the back...

so the image transferred to the sidewalk.

We created four different mud values from light to dark and applied it to the sidewalk.

The project was relatively successful and received a thumbs up to proceed as a class project.


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