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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Street Art Stencils

Taking the positive/negative experience to the next level, Art One decided to create these large street art stencils. Here is the process from our first round...

OK, we cheat a little by finding images on the web. Then we import and manipulare them in PhotoShop to get them how we want. We also convert them to black and white using Threshold.

More cheating... er, um, I mean, creatively using technology... we project the images onto a sheet of tag board.

The rule is simple... if you are cutting out the black then you can't have white islands.

Next, I give all my students very sharp objects.

And they cut stuff.

We then prepare a place to spray our stencils. No, not the side of Building C. That would be bad!

Instead, we are using old bulletin boards and cardboard in 2"x2" frames. She is painting one of the bulletin boards black.

When all that is done it is time for the moment of truth. The stencil is attached to the board and the board is taken outside... I said outside!

Spray and peel.

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  1. Is every student making one or are they doing them in teams?


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