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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Top 10 Art History Toys

#10. Slide & Make K. Haring Puzzle Game: (some sticking may occur due to acrylic paint)

#9. Pin The Ear On The Van Gogh

#8. The Lichtenstein Coloring Book

#7. Polyklei-Dohs: Be Your Own Greek Sculptor!

#6. Andy Warhol Bobble Head: With Interchangeable Artworks

#5. Mr. Picasso Head

#4. Dress Me Up Egyptian Eternal Hippo

#3. Rubik's Cube Art History Edition

#2. Keith Haring Action Figures

and the number one Art History Toy...

#1. Make your Own Stonehenge:
Kit comes complete with rocks, mulch and unicorn...
because, according to Jen,
Stonehenge was a burial ground for unicorns.



  1. Was this a project? I love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing

  2. This was wonderful! I can see some with marketability. jan

  3. LOVE the creativity! We need to get these kids to plan the next Teen Event in 2012 to celebrate the NCMA/ NCVPS Art of Game Design course. These projects take gaming to a whole new level. :)


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