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Friday, July 30, 2010

Twitter and Quizzes on the Fly

Here is the set up:

Asking my art history students to twitter potential quiz questions using their cellphones during a presentation and then giving them a quiz on the fly and seeing instant results using my new einstruction CPS clickers and software.


1. Each student will have a Twitter account set up so they can tweet using a mobile device
2. The class has a Twitter account ApexHSArt
3. eInstructions Classroom Performance™ System (CPS™) clickers and software

While presenting a PowerPoint to my art history class, I will ask that they tweet potential quiz questions using the hashtag #apexhsart.

At select points during the presentation, i have embedded Twitter using the SAP PowerPoint Twitter Tools. Using the hashtag search allows me to see my student's tweets.

At this point, assuming the students submit decent quiz questions, I can on the fly ask a multi choice or true false question. I can quickly type the answer choices into the eInstructions CPS software and ask the question verbally.

Using the clickers, the students can answer the question. Again using the CPS software, i can show the class their answer results as a graph or as individual scores.

Of course this is all a theory that works well in my head.. :)

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