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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Twitter in the Art Room

Last semester, I incorporated twitter into my classroom. I decided to start with my Art History class and set up a classroom account.

Using twitter was optional however, I took the class to the computer lab and had each student set up an account. I also showed them how they could receive and send tweets via cellphone.

To encourage the students to check their accounts, I posted quiz tips and questions prior to the quiz. I tweeted about everything from interesting links, to homework reminds, to upcoming tv programs, to art history related events ...

I also embedded twitter to my powerpoint slides. The idea was to allow the students to use their cellphones to tweet during presentations. This didn't work out as well as I had hoped however, it gave me an idea. Next semester, I will ask them to tweet possible quiz questions that they think of during the presentation. Then at the end, we can look at the tweets as a review. Plus, if the questions are legit, I will incorporate them into our quizzes.

Next semester I would like to expand the use of Twitter to include not only my Art History class but also my Art One class. I was wondering if any of you are using twitter in your classrooms and if so, which practices have proven successful and which haven't.

I'd also appreciate any ideas/suggestions that you think could work well in an Art One class.

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