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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Post It Note Project Explained

The one project by far that I receive the most requests asking, "How'd you do that?" is the Post It Note Mural. 

In this lesson you will find images and a description of the process we used to complete these projects. There is also a link to a video that demonstrates the process.

The entire process is available for free! 

Later you can use the same lesson to create a mosaic out of any material including Skittles, Jelly Beans,or color swatches. We even used it to create a mosaic of the Mona Lisa using over 2,000 balloons!

No matter what the media, the basic concept is the same. Start by creating an image map that uses the same colors as the object (Post-it Notes, balloons, Skittles, etc) that you will use to complete your mural.

This step by step instruction will walk you through the entire process.

Download the entire process for FREE in PDF format! 


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