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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What’s a Bootcamp?

The term Bootcamp, originally coined by Melissa Purtee, refers to a method for handling the teaching of a set of techniques. Bootcamps are best utilized when covering a detailed range of techniques within a particular medium that couldn't be sufficiently cover in demos or mini-lessons. 

During the bootcamp, students are given both short demos as well as more thorough exercises in which to explore the media. The goal is for students to gain an understanding, not to create a work of art.

Though Purtee prefers to run her bootcamps consecutively, I prefer to roll mine out a week at a time, alternating between Bootcamps and Artistic Behavior Units.

Examples of my Bootcamps:

Drawing Bootcamp: 
This one week Bootcamp covers observation skills, value and perspective. This is one of the first Bootcamps I’ve run with my Art One students, usually the first week of class. It’s starts off by drawing Chick, our class skeleton then proceeds to value portraits and end with linear perspective. 

Painting Bootcamp: 
Slightly longer than one week depending on the amount of dedication the students put on the final artwork. This bootcamp covers color theory, proper tool handling, brush techniques as well as some Bob Ross style tippy tappy brush techniques. We usually will complete a small acrylic painting at the end of this unit. Click here for a closer look at our painting Bootcamp!

Clay Bootcamp: 
A week long tutorial which runs much like a traditional teacher directed project. This Bootcamp covers score and slip, stages of clay, firing and glazing. Most students create a simple slump mold or other slab piece while learning the techniques.

Technology Bootcamp:
A week long exploration unit of the different types of applications our school offers including the Adobe Suite and the iPads, both 2D and 3D programs. Each day is spent learning a few techniques on each application. 

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