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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

SchoolArts: Locker Project & TABology

The March issue of SchoolArts magazine is out and it features not one but two articles out of Apex High School. How very exciting!

What's in Your Locker?
The first article is about our locker project. In class, we talked about space and how artists utilize space when creating art. Then we took advantage of the empty lockers in our school. nobody uses those lockers.. not till now!

Read the Locker Project online!

High School TABology
The second article talks about incorporating TAB at the high school level. Sure, there are plenty of "how to" publications on elementary TAB but not so much at the HS level. This article addresses TAB vs choice based teaching and explains w what teaching TAB in high school really looks like.

Read TABology online!

1 comment:

  1. Surprise!!!! A wonderful locker transformation! So cool!
    Love the toast image of Deadmau5!


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