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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Non Traditional Completed

Above: recreating the essence of image using science supplies

For our last unit, Artists Incorporate Non Traditional Materials, the only limitation imposed was the request that they not use any fine art materials that could be purchased from an art supply company. They needed to find some other material in which to create their art. All other considerations were left up to the artists. View some of the works in progress here.

This limitation proved somewhat more challenging than expected. There were many attempts and fails as they explored different non traditional materials. This was due to the fact that, unlike common art materials, one just doesn't know how a rubber band or a bubble or a seashell is going to work.


Legos tree

Fire and wax

Broken CD's


Rubber bands, bubbles and food coloring

Needlepoint and paper

Cake decorating confetti sprinkles

Yarn animation

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