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Friday, November 6, 2015

Artist Solve Problems - Challenges

We are starting a new unit with Art One.. Artists Solve Problems.

This unit deals with limitations artists either have to endure or that they set on themselves. To kick off the new unit, we broke the class into three groups. Each group rotated through three different "limitations". Here is a look at all three...

Limitation One: Toast!

For the first challenge, each team was given a loaf of bread and three different methods of toasting. These included a toaster, a toaster oven and a heat gun. The teams then had to decide to work in groups or individually to create a work of art using only toast. Above, a group image of Mickey Mouse.

I snuck in a Zonkey in...

Limitation Two: Pancakes!

We've all seen the pancake art where someone creates one of the characters from Frozen out of pancakes. Well just how hard is this challenge? Pretty hard!

Still, as a teacher I am please to say that even though our pancakes weren't quiet as well done as the ones on Pinterest, my students did learn to make pancakes.. an experience many had never had... and really, what could be more important than knowing how to make pancakes?

So in theory, we did everything right...

This is our Donald Trump pancake... Nailed it!

If you try this, don't forget the syrup. It's one of the four major food groups; candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup.

Limitation Three: iPads

For this challenge, each team member was given an iPad and told that they could create anything they wanted but that they must use all iPads for one team image. 

This is easier said than done because first, there was a time limit of just over a half hour. In that time they had to agree how to use the iPads, which apps to use, what image to create, etc. A lot of group decisions which isn't always the easiest of tasks. 

This team did a sensational job of going through the process and in the end created a great image!


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