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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hey, Where Are Purtee & Sands? NAEA15


If you were looking for just one word to describe New Orleans, “colorful” would certainly fit the bill. Add a few thousand art teachers to the mix, and the hue and saturation levels of the city were only enhanced. Just like the colors on the color wheel, the people, events and exhibits at the 2015 NAEA Convention blended together to make up a pretty spectacular whole. 

At The Art of Education, we broke the convention into different categories and assigned each a color. Whether you attended the convention or not, we’re hoping this article goes deep into some of the lesser-known aspects of this year’s event. Read the full article here!

Did you happen to catch Purtee and Sands presentation The Open Art Room: Choice Teaching for Upper Level Teaching? Were you looking to view the presentation online? Well, click here to view it online!


The following was posted before the Convention...

Actually, they are on their way to New Orleans for the National Art Education Association's 2015 Conference. What's that you ask? Well, its a gathering of around 5,000 art teachers from all over the country. We all get togehter for three days worth of events and presentations. 


Speaking of presentation, not only are Purtee and Sands attending, the are also presenting. 

Our presentation, The Open Art Room: Choice Teaching for Upper level Teaching will be on Saturday at 12 Noon. If you're at the convention, you should consider stopping by! 

Project flop

One last thing. During the conference, Sands is making the book, Project Flop: Good Lessons From A Bad Teacher available as a free download! That's right, if you have a Kindle just click this link and download Project Flop.

OK that's it for now but there is a lot more to come...

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