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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Two Sarah's in Art Two: Student Spotlight

 Unwilling Administrators, Angry Custodians, and Herds of Wild High Schoolers

You could probably say that working with perspective was my limitation and therefore say I was solving a material problem, however I feel my project solves a design problem. "The Fun Theory" videos feature people making everyday boring task more entertaining by using art. Here at Apex hundreds of students roam around the school while going from one death trap, sorry i mean class, to the next. I figured seeing a piece of art in between the journey may make the walk more fun or at the very least more bearable. 

As mentioned before, this project was the epitome of bumps and mishaps. We, Sarah and I, had to face unwilling administrators, angry custodians, and herds of wild high schoolers. Before starting the project, we had to get permission from administration. They at first shot our idea down, but we compromised and used chalk instead of paint. After getting our idea approve we went to tape the stairs and mark the outline of the A, but the next day the tape was gone. The custodial staff took it down and yelled at us. However, we explained to them that we got permission and we continued on. Lastly, we had people constantly going up the stairs, but we just worked around that.

This project was a collaboration with my friend Sarah. Working with Sarah made the process much more efficient. We were able to get more done in a shorter amount of time. Having another person to work with also came in handy when trying to put the tape down on the stairs. One of us would stand at the bottom of the stairs and direct the other where to place the tape. I imagine this would be 10000x harder to do alone. It would also probably take ages.

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