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Monday, February 17, 2014

Two In One - ART 1

I have completely rethought how I start teaching art 1.  Taking a look at how the kids approach the project I picked something that even I found interesting but didn't restrict the students to just a few items.  Students for this project were given 1 theme;"Two In One."  This concept could be taken from a transformation or morphing of an object into another, or even 2 time periods depicted, 2 emotions, and so on.  To start the project we looked at some professional inspirational art.  ---->  Inspiration Pinterest

1. Students planned - Throwing around ideas the students were able to plan by making a pinterest board themselves, a list, or thumbnail sketches.
2. 1 page sketch - of the idea that found most motivated or interested by
3. Started on their project

Students were required to post a blog 1/2 way through their pieces.  This encouraged them to reflect on their difficulties and successes so far.  
Here are some of the finished products:

These are wonderful first projects.  I am proud of how hard these students have worked (especially due to the crazy snow days).

WHOooooHooooooo!  YAY!

4. Class critique using TAG
   T- tell something you like about the piece
   A- ask a question
   G- give a positive suggestion

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