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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Introducing the Art of Apex Portal!

The Art of Apex Portal is an online Knowledge Management Repository responsible for the distribution of inspirational ideas and tutorial based learning...

Wait.. What?

Oh, sorry. Let me try that again in english..

The Art of Apex Portal  (currently in production) is a website where students can find art inspiration and easy to follow online tutorials. The Portal is divided into four sections.

What Should I Create?

No matter how exciting we think the Garfield posters hanging on our class room walls might be, sometimes students need a bit more inspiration. The first section of the portal, titled "What should I created", is an extensive lists on links designed to help the student search and find inspiration for an upcoming project. Need inspiration for your wire sculpture? Looking for the latest street art? Curious about how other artists have handled Juxtaposition?? It's all here!

What Do I Need?

Currently under construction, this section of the portal will provide students with a list of menus so they can easily and visually understand what materials they will need when beginning a new project. For example, a menu on printmaking would explain all the materials needed to begin the process. The menu will contain both written and visual descriptions of the cutting tools, lino blocks, different inks, brayers, etc..

How Do I? Watch A Tutorial! 

Not sure how to create a blog? Want to learn how to animate using Photoshop? Forgot how to mix brown paint? The "How Do I" section will contain an organized list of short, less than five minute, video tutorials to bring the student quickly up to speed. These videos will not only serve as quick reminders, they will be available anytime, from anywhere.

My Class Website

Last but not least, the "My Class Website" provides direct links to each teacher created website. Not sure what you'll be working on in Computer Art? Need to be reminded of the project the Art One class has started? Find all the class links, including Apex High School's site right here!

the Art of Apex Portal can be found online at:



  1. This is awesome. As another art teacher do you mind if I reference it with my own classes? Thanks, Heather

    1. Hi,
      We don't mind at all. I hope your students find it helpful!


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