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Friday, April 20, 2012

Art History Putt Putt 2012

As is the tradition every year, the Art History class took to the courtyard putters in hand for the 2012 Art History Putt Putt Classic!

Brian on the green at the Duchamp Hole.. aiming for the Fountain.

watch out for the pink Keith Haring figure.. he is hard to get by!

Duchamp liked chess

Lining up the putt

The Pollock Hole

Inches from the hole!

This is not a putt putt hole.... Magritte

Christo Hole complete with wrapped building and umbrellas

Behind the scenes look at construction days...

Jasper Johns makes great lunches... and putt putt holes


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  2. Thanks for the inspiration! We had a BLAST!!!

  3. Fabulous post! Thanks MiniMatisse for sending us here. Pinning...

    I am now retired but see so much fun potential in this, even for working w/ my elementary students. Higher level thinking, people!

  4. Awesome, I can't wait to try this one:)


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