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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Art History DC Trip 2012

It all started when the bus pulled out of the Apex HS parking lot at 5am friday morning...

We drove all morning and arrived in DC about 10:30am. First stop, the East Building of the National Gallery of Art where we saw this lovely Pollock painting.

Caity is a big Warhol Fan

I tell the kids if they blow real hard the Calder will move. I'm not sure they were buying it this year.

At first the picture taking is relatively normal...

As the day goes on the photos seem to get stranger.

After lunch we visited the West Building. This group looks really into studying the El Greco. I think they were just getting tired from so much walking.

I'm pretty sure Cam is a distant relative of Van Gogh.

Next we cut through the sculpture garden and went to the Hirshhorn. They had some really cool installations. This one had us walk through all these strands of blue chords. It was fun to watch people enter cause they disappeared into the blue.

There was another installation that had big comfy pillows on the floor. the lights were off and they were playing Jimi Hendrix and projecting images on the wall. I'm not sure this was art as much as a history lesson about the 60's

Ok, you guys know that isn't art right? No, seriously. It really is just a blank wall.

It all ended when the bus arrived back home at 12 midnight Saturday morning. a long but fun day!

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