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Saturday, February 25, 2012


This week I'll be traveling back to my hometown, NYC to attend the National Arts Educators Association's 2012 National Conference. This is an exciting opportunity to share and learn from some of the greatest art educators around the country.

Not only will I be attending the conference but I'm also a presenter. Robb Sandagata, Digital Curriculum and Interactive Media guy for Davis Publications and I will be presenting Transforming Curriculums with Engaging Ideas and Research-based concepts on Friday, March 2 at 11am.

There are three parts to this presentation...

#1. Looking at Things Differently:
Robb and I will share our experience teaching the standard art lessons in slightly non standard ways. i.e. last time you taught perspective did one of your students try to step on the others?

#2. Using Traditional Materials Non Traditionally:
Most students use masking tape to hold two pieces of paper together. We use it to create murals. We'll give a few example of taking that very common classroom material and using it in a whole new way.

# 3. Traditional Concepts Using Non Traditional Materials:
We've all taught value by shading with a pencil. Not many of us have tried using mud. We'll explore teaching some very traditional concepts with some very non traditional materials including, mud, bricks and birdseed.

See you in NY!

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