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Friday, February 3, 2012

Art History Game Day

Today was Art History Game Day... A chance for each team of art history game designers to both present their games and play other team's games.

Each game had to fulfill four objectives: Craftsmanship, Creativity, Informative and Fun. Score cards were kept as we played each game.

Art Of The Sandwich: This was a fun game and has some potential marketability. Objective, collect sandwich pieces as you move around the board.

Artist to Artist: The art lovers version of Apples to Apples. I would like then to continue to make game cards so this can be played by large groups in future classes.

All Your Favorite Artists Are Dead: Van Gogh with a gun in the corn field?

Shoot the Artwork: I'm probably not standing in the best spot.

Pin the Eye on the Nefertiti: Kind of gross but fun to play cause your got dizzy and a candy prize ;)

Andy Warball: Objective, knock out the can you select based on a trivia question. She actually knocked out Andy without knocking over the other cans! Winner!!

I was going to play this game..Where did the Nefertiti eyes go?


  1. How long did you spend researching and making these games? Did the kids work in groups? I am doing my art history unit in February.

  2. This project was pretty early in the semester so they didn't know too much yet :) I guess it was about two weeks from start to finish. However, they didn't work full time on these.


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