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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Drawing Chick

Chick is the name of the skeleton in my art room. On Monday, the first day of the new semester, I had my Art One students take 20 minutes to draw chick. I told them at the end of the week, Friday, they would draw her again and I promised them their drawing skills would improve.

During the week we tried out a series of "learning to see" techniques. As a homework assignment, they had to draw the bones of a cartoon character of their choosing. Here are a few of the cartoon bones..

below that are a few examples of Monday next to Friday Chick drawings...

Chick drawings.. Monday on the left, Friday on the right...

Students sat in the same seat for both drawings and had the same amount of time (20 minutes)

The two major improvements here, and in the images below...

1. On Monday, the student drew what she thought she saw, a head on view. On Friday, she drew what she actually saw, 3/4 view.

2. Taking time to draw each bone individually. Notice the difference in the rib cage. On Monday the student drew the ribs as one piece. On Friday, she drew each rib separately.

1 comment:

  1. I love this project! In fact it makes me want to go and raid the Biology class and "liberate" their skeleton for a couple of classes!! :)
    I go into the Bio depart constantly on a mission to borrow some of their specimens!!


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