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Friday, October 21, 2011

Work of Art!

The sketchbook assignments just haven't been working. Some students work really hard while others rush to complete it right before class. I decided instead of having all my students work on a sketchbook assignment, I would only have a few each week.

Taking a clue from the Bravo reality art show Work of Art, I decided to make it a competition. This week's challenge, find a piece of bad art from the Museum of Bad Art website and recreate it. Your piece should still resemble the original in some way but with your changes.

Here are the results from our first Work of Art Challenge. The bad art first followed by the changes...

Brittany wrote a story to go with the art

Catherine thought the clown should look even creepier.

Caitlin thought the horse could use a neck

Meagan thought if you're going to have a monument of snow you might as well make it special

And the winner, Genna taking NO VISIBLE MEANS OF SUPPORT and giving it well, support.

Genna and her grand prize!


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