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Monday, October 24, 2011

Monsters in a Box : Part One

Three classes from two different schools all working together to complete a joint project.. Monsters in a Box

The first step was receiving the monster drawings from Theresa Gillespie's kindergartener class in the Moline School District in Illinois.

The pictures went to the Ceramics class at Apex High School were they were transformed into 3D.

Mwanwhile, the Computer Art class started work on the package design. First step, create realistic version of the monster in PhotoShop.

Next, we assembled boxes for the monsters to fit in.

Package design labels for both the front and back of the box were created and printed out.

The boxes were painted....

The labels were applied and the monsters inserted in their new homes.

There is even a cut away in the box so you can see the monster inside!

Tessa from Computer Art and Josh from Ceramics with their completed monster package.

More Monster Boxes coming soon! Stay tuned!!



  1. What an awesome collaboration~ So creative and well done!

  2. Inspired project. I can't decide whether I love the finished product more or the proud smiles from the creators as they hold up the box. I imagine that the kinder friends were thrilled.


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