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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

TAB Institute at MassArt Boston 2015

Ian just spent a week teaching Track Two students at the TAB Institute at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. This one-week Teaching for Artistic Behavior course offered intensive inquiry into the practice of choice-based art education and students could earn graduate credit, so how fun is that? So here is a look into some of the stuff we did...

Day One: Introducing The panel. These are the folks I worked with, from left to right: Katherine Douglas, Diane Jaquith, Clyde Gaw, and Julie Toole.

These are some of the students listening to the people on the panel above. I would list their names but as you can see, it was day one and they were wearing name tags. So you can just read their names.

One day, George Szekely came and spoke. Do you know George? He is the president elect for the NAEA.

Besides all the great presentations and break out session, we did take some time to explore the city a bit. Here we were visiting Fenway Studios and some of the local artists including Mae Chevrette.

We also had a docent led tour of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. They had a Tara Donavan piece. That was fun.

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