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Monday, February 16, 2015

Art History Pop Up Books

In Art History, we dug deeper into the world of art by exploring some of the stories behind the famous art works we've been looking at. What's the best way to do this you might ask? Well, by writing a book... and not just any book... a pop up book.

For example, take the story of Jackson Pollock and the Cockroach.

It all starts when Paul, a cockroach, and his friend Bill, also a cockroach, discovered a mysterious white cloth on the floor.

"What is it?" asked Bill. 
"I don't know," said Paul "but I wanna touch it!"
Bill looked at Paul and shook his antennas. "Don't Paul. It could be a trap!"
Paul laughed at him. "Don't be stupid. It's fine. see?" Paul ran back and fourth across the white space.
As he was running, big, black blogs fell all around him. He panicked and tried to escape but a blog fell right on him.
"Help!" He screamed to his friend Bill but Bill had run off. Paul struggled to get free but the blobs kept falling. Paul was stuck forever and is still there today.

Other stories include How Nefertiti Lost Her Eye

Degas Dancers

Mean Girls Venus and Medusa

and Walter and the Water lilly.

Other stories include: The Eternal Hippo Hunt, Dr Tulp's Zombie Apocalypse and Watson and the Shark...

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