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Friday, August 29, 2014

Spontaneous Friday Task Party!

So this morning, around 4:30 AM Ms Purtee sent Mr Sands a text. It read: Let's have a Task Party today! So Mr Sands, who never, ever likes to change plans and always follows the plan was obviously hesitant but Purtee was persistent and then when Ms Sudkamp got involved  Sands finally agreed.

So what's a Task Party you ask? Well, it's an event originated with artist Oliver Herring. Here's the basic idea: There is a box filled with tasks like, turn yourself into a flower, or brush your teeth. One takes a task from the box and then does whatever it reads. Then, when done, write a task and place it back  in the box for someone else.

So, yeah. That's what we did. We set stuff up in one room and everyone came in and started Tasking.

Later, we posted the completed task stuff to the wall outside the art room so everyone could see the stuff. But I think a video is worth a thousand pictures so if you really want a feel for what went on check out the following vids...

Create a dress and make a boy wear it!

Write a story about a piece of grass!

Become Beyonce!

Make it rain!

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