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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Doodling in the Class!

This year, instead of taking notes in Art History, I wanted the students to create visual journals. I thought the addition of their own drawings along with any notes would be more beneficial, especially to the visual learner. Then I saw a video by Rachel Smith at TEDxUFM titled Drawing in class. That confirmed everything I was thinking. I played this for my students on the last day of school. They yelled at me, "Why didn't you show this at the beginning of the year!"

A first, some students had trouble with the concept. They were still stuck on taking notes. Their journals looked more like they were taking notes in history class than art. As the year progressed, they loosened up more and more. Here are some of the pages from this year’s class.


  1. LOVE. I remember getting to my freshman art history lecture and spying some of the other kids drawing while I was furiously writing out my notes. It was a revolutionary concept!

  2. What a great idea that will surely influence students in other classes as well. Thanks for the link to the video, a great resource!

  3. Love the post...and the TED talk. Inspirational.


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