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Monday, April 22, 2013

Washington DC Art History Trip 2013

On Friday, the Apex HS Art History class took our annual  trip to Washing DC. It's a long trip, starting at 5am in the morning and ending about 12am that night.

We start out by visiting the National Gallery. This is fun because the students recognize a lot of the art and I can still explain stuff about the work and the artists. 

Even if I forget and leave stuff out... like the fact that Watson became Major of London. Gee, one small fact and the kids won't let me off the hook (no pun intended)!

When I need a little help, I call in the docents. This years docents did a great job of letting the students talk about the art.. instead of making them just listen while they talked about the art.  Very interactive!

But then we went tot he Hirshhorn where I can't always explain the art. Uhmm, it's butter... made out of butter....

Stuff broke??

Snails like cabbage??

If you just tilt your head it will all make sense...

And horse, movies, stuff, things....

Well, another successful year at DC!


  1. THAT looks like an amazing field trip! What a full day!

  2. It is great when kids while studying have access to the masterpieces of arts. They are taught how to appreciate it, how to appreciate the beauty which surrounds them. I was amazed when got to know which surroundings students have an opportunity to study in: University Libraries.


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