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Thursday, January 3, 2013


So a new twist on an older project... Create an animation that shows dialog.. you know talking.. but instead of drawing the mouths.. create the mouths in Skittles!! Amazing idea, yes, I know!

Step One: today we started creating the mouth positions in skittles and photographing them..

Here we see a mouth position being created using Skittles 

Here we see the mouth position completed.

After the Skittles  were made into mouths, the mouths ate the Skittles.

all the Skittles.

Tomorrow, we will  start work on the animation part.... see you in about a wee for the finished results.



  1. This is really witty. Can't wait to see the final skittlemations

  2. this is amazing! do you have the lesson plan for how you did the animation?


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