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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day One Project

Opposites using plastic bags

In teams students had one class period to create a work of art using non-traditional materials. Their artwork had to represent a topic that they were given.

Broken using cereal and popcorn

How they created the art, what they created and where they created it was totally up to their group to decide.

The students were allowed to use any other art materials in the room to help with their project but the main focus of the artwork had to be on the non-traditional materials.

The materials were: plastic bags, cups, newspaper, cereal, post it notes or scantrons

The topics were: broken, grow, season, opposites, caged and shocking

Grow using scantons

If you look through the cards you can see the letters G,R,O,W

Shocking using newspaper

Season using cups

Shocking using cereal and popcorn

Grow using plastic bags

1 comment:

  1. Looks like an enthusiastic first day project. I love the problem solving evident in these works. Great idea. I think also putting the limit of one class period on them forces creativity and action; helps them tap into their intuitive side.

    very cool!!


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