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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Best of Apex HS Art 2010


Are students getting what they need from high school art programs? Ian Sands takes a look...


Inspired by Robin Rhode and the Coldplay video for Strawberry Swing, our Art One class tested out creating some stop motion animations....


Typography Portraits created in Computer Art & Animation.. the assignment was simple, create a portrait using text.


After almost nonstop requests to play the 70 Million video by Hold Your Horses, the class decided it would be fun to recreate the video using our own artwork selections.


Kite flying day in art History. We took the kites we designed, Van Gogh, Haring, Dali, Munch and more into the sky... sort of...


Localized Perspective.

Here it is from the right angle. Of course, this would have worked out better if the baseboard and the tape weren't the same color.. but the concept works!


Top Ten Contemporary Artists I'll Teach Alongside of these Traditional Artists


The After Art Jeep that once prowled the streets of Apex, NC is no more. AA Jeep took her last ride to the dealership where she was traded in (for a good price).


Working in teams, we created masking tape murals throughout the school.


16,000 post it notes later....

post it note mural


What would you do with 190 art One Students and 1,840 balloons? Make a giant mosaic of the Mona Lisa... silly.


Chicken Fried Animation. Brought to you by Shelby.. See more of her work at:

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