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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Apex HS Art Blog Hits 100,000 Visits!

Today, Apex HS Art Blog had it's 100,000 Visitor!

To celebrate I thought I would share five of our most viewed pages of all time...

#5. Top 10 Christmas Presents Every Art 1 Student Should Ask For..

Of course you would ask Santa for a turtle for Christmas. They are great as pets and for observational drawing lessons!

#4. Scribble Art Using Masks: Photoshop Tutorial

This is an easy yet fun and effective way to turn any photo into strands of see through stuff.

#3. Top 10 Artist New Year's Resolution

Another top ten list in our top five list of all time most visited pages.

#2. Typography Portraits : Computer Art Class

Gave this typography assignment to my Computer art class and they ran with it.

And the Number One Most Visited Apex HS Art Blog Post is...

#1. Post It Note Project Explained!!

Everything you need to know to start Post-it Note muraling today!

Thanks everyone for visiting!

Come Again!

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