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Monday, January 24, 2011

Don't You Wish You Knew Quiz Questions in Advance?

I give an Art History Pop Quiz day one... but you are clever and will use your resources to find out the answers to the following questions before Wednesday....

Art History: Pop Quiz

1. Who the @#$%! is Teri Horton?
2. Picasso was a jerk is because…
3. What did Andy Warhol think of Jasper Johns?
4. And the best table flipper award goes to??
5. Who was the artist with bad BO?
6. Most overrated painting ever…
7. Why did Caravaggio stab a man in the groin?
8. When I shop I like to go to Keith Haring’s store called…
9. When he asked his cousin to marry him she said, “Niet, nooit, nimmer!”
10. One lady died when her car was hit by one of Christo’s…

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